Negative Ion Battery Powered Sprayer

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This handheld sprayer saves you time - sanitize an entire office in 5 minutes. Already have a sanitizing routine? That is great - SaniPower+ with the Battery-powered sprayer can easily be added on to your routine to ensure even the air is being cleaned.

The Safer and Most Effective Way

To Protect Our World From Viruses, Germs and Bacteria!!  Sani Power Plus biocide is a water-soluble powder available in bulk, pre-measured pouches. Because it is a dry powder it is easier and less expensive to ship and store than traditional liquid sanitizers. Prior to mixing, Sani Power Plus has a shelf life of 2 years as a dry powder.  Once mixed into water it will maintain its cleaning efficacy for 30 days.  Sani Power Plus biocide is simple to prepare for use: simply mix it with any fresh water.