About SaniPower+

Sani Powder’s EPA approved biocide is designed to remove bacteria, fungus, mold, and other harmful pathogens from water and other fluids where these harmful agents live and multiply. This biocide has the unique ability to strip and remove the harmful bio-film where bacteria grows and matures. Other commonly used biocides try to suffocate the bacteria spore by covering it until dead. This process allows stronger bacteria to become immune to these biocides, which creates super bugs that are very difficult to remove. Sani Powder’s biocide with its natural chemistry explodes the bacteria spore wall on contact, and does not allow any bacteria to become immune or turn into a super bug.

Sani Powder’s biocide is an oxidizer but because of its unique design and its neutral pH it is one of the strongest biocides on the planet with the safest application. With a pH of 6.8 to 7.2 it is no more corrosive than a contact solution but has a 99.99996 log kill compared to a 99.9 of common bleach, which is far too corrosive to use in similar application. Our biocide is very safe to the user and does not require HAZMAT to transport or use. With its effective ability to kill bacteria, and its safe application it is the strongest, safest, and most economical EPA approved biocides on the market